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    Jim wrote:
    With the limitations of the PCI bus, all current systems that rely on PCI adapters will not reach the maximum transfer rate of SATA2 or SATA3.

    So you either accept the limitations of your hardware, or you upgrade.

    Right now, an X5000 would be a costly upgrade compared to a Peg2 (considering the original price of the Peg2).

    Here is where late 2005 G5 support would be nice. We could at least upgrade to an SATA2 controller.

    An SATA3 driver might also be possible, depending on the transfer limitations of PCIe Gen1.

    yes, it is true. I think that Promise - SATA II 114 MB/s read speed reach the maximal limit of Pegasos2 PCI bus. This number is really very high, 85% of theoretical maximum 133MB/s.

    if I had no X1000, then yes. But X5000 power is nearly the same as X1000 (except for MorphOS). I am accept now that my Peg is old and slow, and wait for G5. Or maybe for Talos.

    But - I wrote this, becouse we don't rech the maximum from Pegasos yet.
    MorphOS native sata.device recognized SATA disks only like UDMA mode 5 = 100MB/s.
    Even AmigaOS sii3xxxide.device recognized the same hardware correctly (UDMA mode 6 = 133MB/s) - there is space for speed increase.
    Or upgrade our native sata.device, or maybe incorporate ulsata2.device onto Morphos boot.img

    @MOS devs:
    nothing against. This sata issue (and sdl drivers) are only two things which are better on AmigaOS. I prefer MorphOS over AmigaOS and I still use more my old Pegasos 2 over X1000.
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