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    Pegasos 2 today is nearly 15years old. It was great machine and still is not bad today. Only for web-browsing and video we need more power.
    I overclocked Peg2 to 1.33MHz, equip with Radeon9800Pro and now test some HDD and SSDs:
    ( test was made with SATA300 HDD and SATA300 SSD )

    Possibilities to connect HDD/SSD:
    1. onboard IDE/PATA controller with SATA reduction
    theoretical params: UltraATA 100, mode 5, transfer rate 100MByte/s

    2. onboard FireWire400 controller
    theoretical params: transfer rate 400Mbits/s = 50MByte/s
    - usable only for backup HDD/SSD, or for connection of USB2.0 hub to save PCI slot

    3. PCI card SII 3x1x - SATA I
    theoretical params: transfer rate 150MByte/s SII3x1x, 133MByte/s PCI slot

    4. PCI card Promise - SATA II
    theoretical params: transfer rate 300MByte/s Promise TX4, 133MByte/s PCI slot

    Here is graph from SCSISpeed Results:

    Best results - read speed, MB/s:
    PCI card Promise - SATA II 114 MB/s
    PCI card SII 3x1x - SATA I 84 MB/s
    onboard IDE/PATA controller 55 MB/s
    (FireWire not tested, too slow)

    Unfortunatelly, Promise - SATA II card is not supported hardware and you must use third-party driver ulsata2.device. It mean, that you cannot boot MorphOS System: from Promise card, and it limit it's use only for Work: and Backup: volumes.

    Why PCI card SII 3x1x - SATA I so slow? Theoretical limit shows that show stopper is PCI (133MByte/s), not SATAI (150MByte/s), and PCI is the same for SII and Promise, but:

    Let's compare software drivers: (info from morphos-debug.log and SysMon)

    MOS 3.11:
    onboard IDE/PATA controller ide.device UDMA5=100MB/s S.M.A.R.T no
    PCI card SII 3x1x - SATA I sata.device UDMA5=100MB/s S.M.A.R.T no
    PCI card Promise - SATA II ulsata2.device UDMA6=133MB/s S.M.A.R.T yes

    AOS 4.1FE:
    onboard IDE/PATA controller peg2ide.device UDMA5=100MB/s S.M.A.R.T no
    PCI card SII 3x1x - SATA I sii3114ide.device UDMA6=133MB/s S.M.A.R.T yes
    PCI card Promise - SATA II no driver at all

    It looks that sata.device is not ideal - recognize SATA HDDs only like UDMA5 devices, and have no S.M.A.R.T. feature. It is not hardware issue - AmigaOS recognized it correctly.

    And what to do now? It leave us on Pegasos2 only this possibilities:
    - System: (and complete AmigaOS) on IDE (55MB/s), other MorphOS/linux volumes on Promise(114MB/s)
    - all volumes on SII (84MB/s)
    - System: (and complete AmigaOS) on SII (84MB/s), other MorphOS/linux volumes on Promise(114MB/s). But it takes two of three PCI slots.

    I don't know the priorities for next MorphOS, but improve of sata.device will be great, at least for Pegasos owners.
    Pegasos II 1.33GHz, AmigaOne X1000, Powermac G5 Quad, iMac G5, Powerbook G4 and Z10PE-D16 WS
    MorphOS, AmigaOS, Debian, Ubuntu, OSX, NetBSD, Win7 ;-)
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