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    Pegasos 2 today is nearly 15years old. It was great machine and still is not bad today. Only for web-browsing and video we need more power.
    I overclocked Peg2 to 1.33MHz, equip with Radeon9800Pro and now test some HDD and SSDs:
    ( test was made with SATA300 HDD and SATA300 SSD )

    Possibilities to connect HDD/SSD:
    1. onboard IDE/PATA controller with SATA reduction
    theoretical params: UltraATA 100, mode 5, transfer rate 100MByte/s

    2. onboard FireWire400 controller
    theoretical params: transfer rate 400Mbits/s = 50MByte/s
    - usable only for backup HDD/SSD, or for connection of USB2.0 hub to save PCI slot

    3. PCI card SII 3x1x - SATA I
    theoretical params: transfer rate 150MByte/s SII3x1x, 133MByte/s PCI slot

    4. PCI card Promise - SATA II
    theoretical params: transfer rate 300MByte/s Promise TX4, 133MByte/s PCI slot

    Here is graph from SCSISpeed Results:

    Best results - read speed, MB/s:
    PCI card Promise - SATA II 114 MB/s
    PCI card SII 3x1x - SATA I 84 MB/s
    onboard IDE/PATA controller 55 MB/s
    (FireWire not tested, too slow)

    Unfortunatelly, Promise - SATA II card is not supported hardware and you must use third-party driver ulsata2.device. It mean, that you cannot boot MorphOS System: from Promise card, and it limit it's use only for Work: and Backup: volumes.

    Why PCI card SII 3x1x - SATA I so slow? Theoretical limit shows that show stopper is PCI (133MByte/s), not SATAI (150MByte/s), and PCI is the same for SII and Promise, but:

    Let's compare software drivers: (info from morphos-debug.log and SysMon)

    MOS 3.11:
    onboard IDE/PATA controller ide.device UDMA5=100MB/s S.M.A.R.T no
    PCI card SII 3x1x - SATA I sata.device UDMA5=100MB/s S.M.A.R.T no
    PCI card Promise - SATA II ulsata2.device UDMA6=133MB/s S.M.A.R.T yes

    AOS 4.1FE:
    onboard IDE/PATA controller peg2ide.device UDMA5=100MB/s S.M.A.R.T no
    PCI card SII 3x1x - SATA I sii3114ide.device UDMA6=133MB/s S.M.A.R.T yes
    PCI card Promise - SATA II no driver at all

    It looks that sata.device is not ideal - recognize SATA HDDs only like UDMA5 devices, and have no S.M.A.R.T. feature. It is not hardware issue - AmigaOS recognized it correctly.

    And what to do now? It leave us on Pegasos2 only this possibilities:
    - System: (and complete AmigaOS) on IDE (55MB/s), other MorphOS/linux volumes on Promise(114MB/s)
    - all volumes on SII (84MB/s)
    - System: (and complete AmigaOS) on SII (84MB/s), other MorphOS/linux volumes on Promise(114MB/s). But it takes two of three PCI slots.

    I don't know the priorities for next MorphOS, but improve of sata.device will be great, at least for Pegasos owners.
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