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    NewSense wrote:
    @ Piru - Nice to know you are familiar, Chapter & Verse, with the legislation/directives to the financial sector, but if the webpages are already at a point where they are already basically unviewable on some important sites using OWB then isn't that a cause for concern right now?

    Are the financial directives not likely to have an impact on how OWB handles/views the pages of such institutions, if web-security is going to be a factor? :-?

    Mostly because the directive don't mandate changes in the browser functionalities. For example 2FA doesn't require changes in a browser to implement. Of course it is perfectly possible that changes happen over time (related or not) that will cause trouble.

    As to trying to make Odyssey work better in the future: Believe me we're doing our best to try the fix the existing issues, but this is extremely difficult. Just maintaining a browser port is a huge task and we have a whole OS to consider.
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