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    I am having problems with OWB v1.25 from the MorphOS v3.11 release failing to load many webpages, including these pages, and I have had to use my Windows system to be able to access these pages to report this issue.

    I feel sure the issue lies with my MorphOS system, but I do not know what is causing it, but my Windows system is accessing the pages without any problem. Two sites affected are ebay & PayPal, for their login pages, and all their other pages as well.

    I am wondering if some file has got corrupted or damaged in some way, but I am not aware of which file is likely to be causing this issue.

    I can access Aminet, and download from there, but other sites like the three I have mentioned bring up an OWB error message:

    Unable to open 'https://www.????????'
    Error 52: server returned nothing (no headers, no data)

    or they just stall, and go no further than the first page, which is the case with these forum pages.

    Anyone know what is causing this problem, besides me. ;-)

    Cookies have been flushed/deleted for the sites mentioned - just in case I get asked - but it did no good. :-(


    Further to the above, I have done a new installation of OWB v1.25 from the installation CD, and now managed to access these pages from OWB v1.25, but it seems ebay, Amazon, and probably a lot more mainstream websites have changed some parameter since yesterday, and so now OWB will not login to those sites.

    Having said that ... I was able to login to this site using the fresh installation of OWB v1.25 ... but then, I was unable to post the information on this site using OWB, as it too gave the "Error 52" message, so I have had to go back to using my Windows system to be able to access these pages as OWB v1.25 will not access it to edit/update/respond to the pages using a username, which is required for any edit.

    With this fresh install I got to the main page of ebay, and the main page of Amazon, but when I input the data to make the login, the same error was generated, after quite a lot of going nowhere/stalled, but then as already mentioned "Error 52" was generated by the attempt to access the site(s).

    Seems we've hit a stone-wall with the current version of OWB, if I'm not mistaken. :-(
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