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    Amigaharry2 wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf schrieb:

    So actually, you did *not* try to boot from a card with PPC/OF ROM. How do you know this would work with the Pegasos then?

    Where did I wrote that I've boot from a SCSI Card with PPC-OF-ROM?? I've never seen such a card....

    What I've said is this in Post #11:

    Only on Pegasos - yes, booting Kernel from an old 128MB IOMEGA SCSI-ZIP-drive! It's not a special card for PPC-OF - it's a normal SCSI-Card for X86 PCs. Peg OF reads X86-ROM-Code too.

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    "I don't think the Pegasos can boot from a card with PPC/OF ROM. "

    and your next reply in this thread stated the following:

    "Oh, it will boot - and more perfect than you expect! OF is smart! In normal cases".

    Most people would take your statement that "it will boot" as that you had tested it on your Pegasos2 system, which you apparently have not. That is why Andreas_Wolf has questioned your statement, and challenged it saying that he does not believe that any cards with PPC-OF ROM will work. I'm sure he will correct me if I have misinterpreted his meaning from his comments.

    If you were not replying to Andreas_Wolf's statement "I don't think the Pegasos can boot from a card with PPC/OF ROM", then this is where the misunderstanding has come from, and all you need to do is clarify which comment you were replying to, if it was not the comment immediately before your post I quoted part of above.

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