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    >>>> I don't think the Pegasos can boot from a card with PPC/OF ROM.

    >>> Oh, it will boot - and more perfect than you expect! OF is smart!

    >> You successfully tried to boot from a card with PPC/OF ROM?

    > yes [...]! It's not a special card for PPC-OF - it's a normal SCSI-Card for X86 PCs.

    So actually, you did *not* try to boot from a card with PPC/OF ROM. How do you know this would work with the Pegasos then?

    > Seems MacOF does'nt recognize cards with X86-ROM-code (seems to be
    > the same problem as X86-GraphicCards have). [...] I think there is no way
    > to boot the Kernel from a SCSI-card without PPC-ROM-code on it......

    Exactly. And AFAIK, the Pegasos OF doesn't recognize graphics cards with PPC/OF ROM. Why should this be different with SCSI or SATA cards with PPC/OF ROM?
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