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    Only on Pegasos - yes, booting Kernel from an old 128MB IOMEGA SCSI-ZIP-drive! It's not a special card for PPC-OF - it's a normal SCSI-Card for X86 PCs. Peg OF reads X86-ROM-Code too.

    Seems MacOF does'nt recognize cards with X86-ROM-code (seems to be the same problem as X86-GraphicCards have). But after loading Quark-Kernel from elsewhere you may boot the rest from such a card/drive.

    Btw: In the past my PowerMac G5 (not G4 Macs) has serious problems with such cards even under MOS. I gave one card to Frank Mariak to fix that problem, which was done by one of the MOS-releases in the past. But I think there is no way to boot the Kernel from a SCSI-card without PPC-ROM-code on it......

    There is another very interresting thing about benefits of Pegasos SmartFimware: I've testet a HP-SCSI(III)-card which has additional ethernet on board (AM79C972), which is (unfortunately) not supported by MOS - but OF finds it und builds a Node in OF-tree during runtime. It is possible to boot a kernel (or a special install.img like EFIKA-install.img) from a TFTP-server! (It's not possible to boot Morphos complete via Ethernet, because Quark-Kernel has no TCP-Stack)

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