Pros & Cons architecture choice
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    Yokemate of Keyboards
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    >>> In a perfect world we could have a modern, inexpensive and powerful POWER
    >>> processor but that seems to be more and more difficult and costly everyday.

    >> I find 375 USD for a modern and powerful 3.8 GHz 4-core/16-thread
    >> POWER9 processor quite inexpensive, and I don't see how this will
    >> become any more difficult or costly.

    > Aren't the boards to put it in starting at 800 USD?

    The boards alone are starting at 975 USD, and bundles of the board and aforementioned CPU are starting at 1250 USD (which saves 100 USD from separate purchase). This relative performance level has (almost*) never been cheaper in desktop/workstation Power(PC) world, not even with Apple. The quad-G5 PowerMac was 3300 USD introductory price in 2005, which now is worth inflation-adjusted 4200 USD, while a full bare-bones Blackbird system will set you back no more than half that.

    * YDL PowerStation for 1895 USD in 2008 and for 1125 USD in 2009
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  • Butterfly
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    Well I was looking more like $600 or $700 US for the total system but in retrospect that is probably not really reasonable.

    I stand corrected!

    Bring these systems on and get MorphOS as well as AmigOS 4.2 onboard and I am in.
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  • Order of the Butterfly
    Order of the Butterfly
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    Morphos after breaking 68k compatybility should be just open source implementation of Amiga gui i graphics.
    Make Morphos open source on LGPL and let everyone use Morphos on whatever architecture they want.
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