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    Your argument style is just to scrutinize posts on a line by line basis, looking for imagined grammatical flaws in casual speech to attack, rather than actually engaging with the meaning of that speech.

    This causes you a big problem, you're obsessed with the Efika's ram "not being a bug". Nobody said it was, it was brought up as an example of how PPC Amigaish systems have generally sucked. What does this weird grandstanding over if it's a bug or not get you? It's still a shit and useless amount of ram, although now you'll probably dance on the edgecase of a pin to dispute the word "useless".

    I told you I'm not interested in your turbo-pedantry already, so I dunno why you think doubling down on it will get me to take you seriously now. My main reaction is contempt for your socially maladjusted nature, reinforced by how adenoidal you sound complaining about me making fun of you for this.

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