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    > Are you proud of what you wrote here?

    Are you?

    > It's like you have some sort of internet-caused brain disease [...]

    What disease is it that causes someone to resort to insults when he lacks arguments?

    > you miss the weight not only of what others say, but what you say also.
    > You've gone down my post with a big checklist going "technically not a bug! [...]"

    You claimed that all PPC hardware "of the past 20 years" has been buggy. I challenged this claim and what you came up with in response made clear that you didn't even grasp which claim in particular I was challenging, although it was in the quote.

    > you're right in that a soldered down, useless low amount of ram is not a "bug" itself

    And neither is any of your other examples.

    > so my corrected statement: These computers are [...] buggy [...]

    I see what you did there, and it's still untrue :-)
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