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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >>> as [...] buggy [...] as any of the PPC attempts of the past 20 years

    >> That's not the impression I got from the Apple, bplan/Genesi,
    >> ACube and Varisys/A-Eon PPC hardware.

    > All of that stuff is flawed.

    Your claim that I quoted and thus referred to was about hardware bugs in particular.

    > a lot of models have serious problems, ibooks, certain g4 powerbooks
    > fall to bits, powermac G4s are loud and blow up their PSUs.

    After how many years of usage? How does x86 hardware compare after same time of usage?

    > Pegasos I was ruined by a bad chipset

    The chipset bugs were remedied by the April2 chip, which, while slightly lowering performance, means that the bugs were not exposed.

    > the Efika has no ram.

    The low amount of RAM on the Efika 5200B is not a bug.

    > the original AmigaOne motherboards

    ...is not part of "that stuff" that I mentioned, for a reason.

    > the sam440 with it's soldered down ram

    Not a bug either.

    > the x1000 which shipped with redundant sound and Ethernet cards because
    > they didn't bother making drivers for their own bespoke motherboard.
    > After a decade their lauded "xorro" chip still doesn't do anything.

    Again, no hardware bugs.

    > I won't even mention the prices on those boondoggles!

    Prices are not bugs.

    > All in all just a mess really.

    And virtually nothing of this mess has been caused by hardware bugs, at least when applying the generally accepted meaning of the term.

    Are you proud of what you wrote here? It's like you have some sort of internet-caused brain disease resulting in pedantry so extreme you miss the weight not only of what others say, but what you say also.

    You've gone down my post with a big checklist going "technically not a bug! technically not a bug! I win I win!"

    you're right in that a soldered down, useless low amount of ram is not a "bug" itself... so my corrected statement: These computers are overpriced, buggy, unsupported, and also: badly designed.
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