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    >>> as [...] buggy [...] as any of the PPC attempts of the past 20 years

    >> That's not the impression I got from the Apple, bplan/Genesi,
    >> ACube and Varisys/A-Eon PPC hardware.

    > All of that stuff is flawed.

    Your claim that I quoted and thus referred to was about hardware bugs in particular.

    > a lot of models have serious problems, ibooks, certain g4 powerbooks
    > fall to bits, powermac G4s are loud and blow up their PSUs.

    After how many years of usage? How does x86 hardware compare after same time of usage?

    > Pegasos I was ruined by a bad chipset

    The chipset bugs were remedied by the April2 chip, which, while slightly lowering performance, means that the bugs were not exposed.

    > the Efika has no ram.

    The low amount of RAM on the Efika 5200B is not a bug.

    > the original AmigaOne motherboards

    ...is not part of "that stuff" that I mentioned, for a reason.

    > the sam440 with it's soldered down ram

    Not a bug either.

    > the x1000 which shipped with redundant sound and Ethernet cards because
    > they didn't bother making drivers for their own bespoke motherboard.
    > After a decade their lauded "xorro" chip still doesn't do anything.

    Again, no hardware bugs.

    > I won't even mention the prices on those boondoggles!

    Prices are not bugs.

    > All in all just a mess really.

    And virtually nothing of this mess has been caused by hardware bugs, at least when applying the generally accepted meaning of the term.
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