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    NewSense wrote: Oh, WOW, they are cheap . . . . .
    As low as £9,035.00 (IN STOCK - SKU ThunderX2Station)
    . . . . I'm getting one of those . . . . never


    amigadave wrote: Their other desktop ARM offering is about the same, or less than an X5000, and provides 32 cores, not 2 or 4 cores, that the X5000 provides. Remember, this discussion is for the future of MorphOS, after it has SMP and Memory Protection, so it can use all those cores. Here is the link to the ARM desktop: ARM Desktop System. Sure, you still need to purchase RAM and a video card, but I still think it compares very well to the X5000, if the Next Gen MorphOS (w/SMP support & 64bit, & Memory Protection) was ported to the Avantek Cavium-ThunderX ARM desktop.

    So, this ARM Desktop System being ONLY £1,360 ... is ONLY £1,200 too MUCH, or probably about 80% percent of these amounts $1.774.86, or 1,565.77 Euro too much, IMHO !

    Comparing it to the X5000 is all very well, but that hardware is too expensive as it is, for our "hobby" Amiga systems.

    If we had a full office package that was compatible with other systems, and integrated graphics software, along with other more advanced features we still don't have then .... maybe .... it might be worth paying more for a system. However, as it stands, for MorphOS the Apple hardware does all that we need, apart from some limitations browsing, and slow-downs as a result of the PPC hardware getting over-worked with JavaScript and the like, but then the hardware is only costing £60 on average, plus the cost of the licence, which I feel is good value for money, and well worth the commitment to remain on our OS. I'd like to be able to donate more, but I'm regularly and all-too-soon out of spare cash for donating, but when I can I do.
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