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    My point in suggesting ARM as something to consider and discuss, is that it can be scaled from something as small and cheap as the Raspberry Pi, to the monster servers and workstations that Andreas Wolf linked to, and NewSense complained about the price. X64 cannot be scaled down to something that can be sold for only $35, but still provide enough speed and power to run MorphOS.

    I am sure that more companies will be building ARM desktop and laptop computers in the near future, and that in the not too distant future, we may even see ARM challenging Intel and AMD, as a true competitor in the consumer computer marketplace. Look at how popular the Maker community has become, and they are very fond of small ARM boards to control their projects. It would not be hard to convince many of those people to switch to an ARM based computer, either desktop, laptop, or tablet. Personally, I dislike tablet computers, so I hope that the laptop form factor will continue to be in demand enough to warrant the interest of several different manufacturers.

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