• Caterpillar
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    Well, there's one more reason to keep the Pegasos. AmigaOS 4.1.

    I also have it installed in my Pegasos, and that's the only way it's affordable in my budget.

    No way I'm parting with a kidney for an AmigaOS NG board.

    To be honest I barely use it. MorphOS feels much more complete and smooth, and is more compatible. Unfortunately, because I would like to see AmigaOS to succeed. And what I'm saying is that both OSes could co-habit our lives. I just would like both to succeed.

    By the way, I know MOS can use PCI SIL3114 based SATA interfaces. What about AmigaOS 4? Do someone have experience running such a setup on a Pegasos 2 board?

    Also, what is that little extension on the first PCI slot on Pegasos 2 boards? Is it PCI Express? I don't think so, right?

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