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    zukow wrote:
    So Pegasos2:
    - slow USB, problems with PCI usb cards
    - slow AGP (Macs have 4x or 8x)
    - slow Memory
    - problems with extending memory over 1GB
    - lack of SATA

    You statement is a bit hard :
    - PCI USB 2.0 card works nicely here. NEC chipset (fast and reliable).
    - AGP is slow actually, but it is not noticeable in common usage.
    - Memory is slow, it's really the bad point which is actually noticeable (typically gcc is quite slow on Peg2 compared to PowerMac at same CPU speed).
    - I would say that 1GB is more than enough unless you try to recompile gcc. :)
    - PCI SATA card works nicely here (just using a CF-Card on IDE for boot.img, everything else is on SATA).
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