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    Thanks in advance, I'll probably take the powerbook but also the Mac Mini. The display of what should be used has a resolution of 1280x1024 I do not think that there should be 16 bit color depth problems with the VRAM. Especially since I use no transparency effects and my standard theme is almost black and my background image also has a dark texture. I do not even assume that the few Mhz really do more. Does one know if the mini is a standard ATA 2.5-inch hard drive installed?
    I could also get a G5 for 50 Euros with 1.8 Ghz and 2 GB Ram. But since only one CPU is supported and the power consumption of the box is really huge, that should not be an alternative, especially considering that the shipping cost me 35 euros. I had with the Powermac G4 with 800 Mhz and 32 Mb VRAM genuinely up to the slow processor no problems. I also think that the 450 Mhz more in mini should bring more speed than the Powermac G4. And the mini is quieter too,
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