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    koszer schrieb:

    Fast enough for wathing youtube videos or should i pay 60 Euro for an Mac Mini with 1.42 Ghz.

    I don't think the difference between 1.25 and 1.42 will be spectacular. Both should play YouTube in 360-480p well. 720 is a no-go (1.5 version struggles - and looses - with it). Of course the magical YouTube overlay scripts from OWB are your friends.

    OWB should be opened on its own screen because of low VRAM.


    I cant find an Mac Mini 1.5 with 64 Mb Vram.

    Search for 1.42 ones without the 56k modem. It's likely that they're just badged as 1.42, but in reality they are the 1.5 GHz ones (hence the "silent upgrade" nick). In any case - it's worth checking by the serial number prior to purchase.

    For example - this one looks promising.

    Yes o would buy that adapter from you.

    I also searched for an Powerbook and an Powermac G5. But i think that to use a dual cpu system when only 1 cpu is supported is not worth the price.

    35 Euros for an 1,25 Ghz Mac Mini G4 is no expensive.

    the question is it is worth to get an g4 with 1,42 / 1.5 for 20 to 30 Euro more ?
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