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    It is difficult to find an PowerMac G4 > 1 Ghz.

    Not really, at least not where I live.


    I have used an PowerMac g4 800 Mhz, was very buggy with OWB.

    "buggy" = slow?


    I have loved to use my Studio Display with the Mini bur 100 bucks for an adc dvi adapter is realy heavy.

    I can get you a DIY converter for about 15 EUR (you'd need an external power brick though).


    Most of the time i am coding with flow studio, i dont think i need 64 Mb VRAM ?

    You don't need 64 MB of VRAM for coding, that's for sure (unless you like really high resolution and fancy graphical effects while coding). The web surfing (on a separate screen, not Ambient) shouldn't consume all you VRAM also.
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