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    Anyway, enough.
    Cheerio! And to all the conspiracy-theory guys: get a life.

    Calm down. There is only discussion here. With one lone person who is a disgruntled customer whom might have come off rude, the rest is just your average discussion.

    I started a thread about benchmarking, and was asked to use this game to do so. I've seen Trevor's benchmark blog post referenced numerous times as a baseline. I find his benchmark post to be disingenuous, but as mentioned, he has computers to sell.

    I purchased your product and am happy with it. Everyone I've seen has the same opinion, except one user with a Pegasos. Don't see conspiracy theories where there are none. If you have an issue with my opinion Trevor's benchmark was disingenuous, I can't help that.

    Anyhow, thanks for the feedback and thanks for the game port.
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