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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > the author stated he switched from HW- to SW-rendering!? [...]
    > Either the port is a total technical mess or the original game.

    The original game uses hardware rendering but needs 1 GiB or so VRAM. That's the reason Daytona675x gave for switching to software rendering.

    No, I own the game on both Windows and MorphOS and runs fine (>30-50 fps) on 1680x1050 under a GeForce 9700M GT 512MB VRAM. It just lists 1GB VRam as min. requirement but that isn't representative of the truth.

    In any case, scrolling is smoother (!) on G4 1,67Ghz MorphOS 9800XT 256MB ram 2xAGP than on a Windows7 Core2Duo@2.3Ghz 4GB Ram, and 9700GT 512MB, which is remarkebly impressive (ok, on MorphOS I run it on 1280x1024 but nevertheless Daytona's work is amazing!).

    Frankly it looks much more optimized on MorphOS than on Windows. However, I also get 100% cpu (check this grab)

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