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    naTmeg wrote:
    I don't blame Daytona675x, maybe he did the best possible to bring this mess in shape. I blame the concept of advertising and selling a game for "Amiga NG" which then does barely work on the fastest machines available. If it can't be done properly, don't do it.

    IIRC the main developer of the game was an ex-Amiga user (or gamer), and he wanted to make a modern game with some Amiga spirit, and he was fascinated by the idea to release it also to NG Amigas. Unfortunately it seems that he/they didn't have realistic impression about hardware capabilities, and even though the game sounded to be portable at first and good promises were made, they changed all kinds of stuff to worse in the middle of the project and Daytona675x had to react to them with the best he could.

    Daytona675x didn't give up for what's been started and I think it's great for us, because the game is the best (and new!) game we've seen in ages on our platforms anyway. I don't think my Mac mini is among the fastest machines anymore, and still the game runs fine on it.
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