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    naTmeg wrote:
    I also bought the game. First I want to say that the game/fun itself is very good, but the author stated he switched from HW- to SW-rendering!? It's literally unplayable on an Peg2/1Ghz with a Radeon 9200. I've played it for one hour but had to stop then. The frame-rate stays around ~30 if no enemy is on screen, but as soon as there is a combat, the rate drops to 20 or lower. The scrolling is so horrible that it gave me a headache.

    Either the port is a total technical mess or the original game. Don't buy. (in this state)

    The original game didn't keep lower specs in mind at all and wasted everything horribly :) Daniel made a huge work to get this converted to our more "modest" machines (modest compared to current PCs). Here is a thread where he replies to questions and talks about the game and reasoning behind the porting.

    I have played the game in two player mode quite far on a Mac mini 1.5GHz, and it's been fully playable on FullHD resolution. So, Radeon 9200 in mini does the job, but maybe it's a crucial difference in CPU and memory speeds between Mac mini and Peg2...
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