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    ASiegel wrote:
    I do not think it is far fetched to assume that the version for Hyperion Entertainment's OS is the most optimized one compared to the AROS and MorphOS ports. That is perfectly fine and completely understandable. It also does not dimish the value of having Tower57 available for MorphOS as long as the performance is good enough to be playable.

    I agree, and I've tried to be careful not to imply it diminishes the port, it doesn't. I just think it is rather disingenuous to publish benchmarks as Trevor has done. As we saw even earlier in this thread, since it is out there in the public domain people ask for it to be included as a valid benchmark for comparison.


    Of course, if you want to gauge the credibility of the published benchmark numbers, all you need to remember is that results on AROS were not included... We all know how those would have turned out.

    Indeed, also why I stated binary compatible NG Amiga solution in my original post :-D
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