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    The Marvo Scorpion GT-106 Joypad works perfectly (including SDL2 setup).

    Pls update the hardware compatibility list.

    Keep in mind though that when booting the computer, joypad always defaults in Android mode, hence when on Ambient you need to long press the home button for 5 secs so it can revert to PC/PS3 mode.

    Back in Feb. 2020 I 've bought this pad for about 5 euros in Dubai Mall. How on earth this is priced between 25-30 usd currently is beyond me.

    Anyway, it's good quality product, no dead zones, no drifting, nice grip, long cable. Recommended (if you can live with that home button press in each boot which seems to be a trend to all "new" pc/ps3/android hybrid pads).
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