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    connor wrote:

    Cool_amigaN wrote:
    Pls add:

    Mouse: Sharkoon Skiller SGM2 (No software needed for RGB and DPI settings, side buttons don't work ofc)

    I thought additional buttons do "always" work and you only have to configure them. Do they not show up in poseidon as extra buttons?

    Hey sorry I missed your post.

    Yes, you are correct, on the hid.class 4.5 I saw mouse button 4 & 5 and they were operational when I enabled "track incoming events"!

    So, I added a new performed action and tested with a showconfig cli command (shell) which gets triggered by "down"... it works!

    Any idea how can I do close/new tab on OWB on them (is it arexx?)? If there would be anyother useful tips to use (second thought is up/back on ambient lister) let me know.

    Sounds like a perfect addition to the library imho :)
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