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    OK, if that really is the entire serial log, then we need to add some debug arguments to MorphOS to get more info.

    Now please bear with me, I'm doing this from memory and I don't have access to any hardware to test with myself currently, so it might need some adjustment to actually work.

    First get to the text console of U-Boot. You do that by pressing enter, escape or some other button during boot. There'll be text on the screen telling you which one it is.

    Once you're there, type the following command:

    setenv morphosargs qdebugflags "init log" edebugflags "init log initresident pci" 

    You can then type "printenv" to make sure that the morphosargs variable was stored correctly. It should retain the double quotes at the exact places I wrote them.

    Then when that's done, and I'm slightly unsure about this one, I think you need to execute the boota command. If your computer boots as normal, then it was the right one :) The serial log created from this boot should have a lot more information to work with, so please upload that one.
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