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    TL;DR: Yes. I consider this a "proper" solution if you do a lot of recording. If someone only wants to do occasional recording, it might be too expensive, that's true.

    Longer: :)

    Yes, although I could connect it directly too with a DVI to HDMI adapter (if the recorder could do 1080p@60), but as the existence of this thread shows, that does not always work. From experience, dealing with recording from retro/exotic systems is much easier if you have a good scaler which just cleans things up for you. The scaler also takes care to also mix in the audio to HDMI from the analog output of the PowerBook. (HDMI recorders don't always have analog jack inputs, mine doesn't for example.)

    With the same chain I can record everything from a C64 (well, CVBS only, but it's still quite decent quality), to retro PCs, to classic Amiga, and to MorphOS in 1080p in reasonable quality, and I do not have to worry if the usually quite picky recording device is willing to recognize the signal my system outputs, as these scalers were designed to take all sorts of crap, and output a standard signal which then "just works", and do good quality resizing, all sorts of framerate conversion, make sure the audio is in sync, etc, and the output signal will always be exactly what you set.

    I could hook up my Pegasos II/G4 for example, which is still set to 1024 since 2004. :) And do a similar recording just fine, even in full HD, to avoid YouTube dumbing down the quality after upload, and so on. So it's more expensive, but it has several advantages.

    Additionally, the scaler alone can also be used for presentation purposes, when you need to show the system live on some random projector on an event or so, which can be also problematic, for example, if you change resolution a lot of times, like when presenting an Amiga demo, and it changes between interlace/nolace, or you have a more traditional Amiga-RTG alike MorphOS setup with different screen resolutions, some beamers can take ages to sync on every change, the scaler fixes that too, usually.
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