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    ALB42 wrote:
    I had the same problem, even I set the output to 1280x720 or 1980x1080. I asked the hardware support about it. The answer was, that the Computer/OS seems not to send a standard 720p or 1080p signal the pixel numbers are right but the timings are wrong. I tested with some other sources, DVD, PS4, Linux-PC, and it worked fine.

    Yeah, I've tried different resolutions too. Then, I've tried DVI output not only on G5 PowerMac, but on G4 PowerBook and not only MorphOS, but OSX as well. But no luck - the recording just doesn't work. So it's not really OS feature, I guess. I'll try tinkering with firmware if everything else fails (I'm not sending it back, in the worst scenario I'll give it away to my son).
    I wonder if it would work OK with standard HDMI input if there was some Radeon HD (AGP version) in my PowerMac, but we will have to wait for a while to check it.
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