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    Beforehand, I already filed a bug report for this issue on my machine. ;-) But I was wondering if someone had similar problems, or even succeeded in what I am trying to do?

    On my G5 I got the following setup:
    IDE-Master: DVD drive
    IDE-Slave: 512 MiB DOM (Disk on Module)
    SiL3114: 640 GiB SATA HDD
    interal SATA: no devices

    Partition layout DOM:
    Apple Partition Map - (HFS bootstrap Linux, ext2 /boot/, HFS bootstrap MorphOS)
    Partition layout HDD:
    Apple Partition Map - (SFS DH0:, SFS DH1:, several Linux partitions)

    I don't want to use the interal G5's Broadcom SATA, since it has some glitches in Linux. The SiL3114 works much better and runs fine on MorphOS too. On the G5 Gentoo Linux is already installed. I use yaboot as boot manager, which boots via OpenFirmware into the 1st HFS partition on the DOM, continues booting a kernel from the ext2 partition on the DOM. Works really well once you got it properly configured. I want the MorphOS HFS boot partition too on the DOM, 'cause I suppose the SIL3114 has no represantation in OpenFirmware.

    The partition layout of the 2 drives has been created with gparted on Linux. Booting MorphOS 3.10 I can create and manipulatie thr partitions as usual on the SiL3114. The partitions of the DOM coonected as IDE-slave <2nd.ide.device:1> show up too. But HDConf won't let me save the changes. The drive Icon of the DOM just stays red and HDConf won'T accept further input. The rest of the system continues to be usable.

    So, has anyone tried to boot from a drive connected via IDE on a G5 and succeeded? And how if I may ask? ;-)
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