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    Templario wrote:

    Its so difficult make a c program with Flow Studio or there are some tricks to make it run c projects?


    Thanks for testing Flow Studio. Unfortunately we do not yet have any tutorials or videos explaining this stuff in an easy way but in general it should not be very difficult and mostly in line with how this works in other IDEs.

    1) It is correct that Flow Studio needs a project. Just create a simple one and then add your hello.c file to it.
    2) Press the hammer and wait until it's ready building.
    3) Press the blue arrow to run your project. Your printf message will pop up in a new window in case you started Flow Studio from Ambient and if it was started from a shell, you will see the output there.

    That should be it really!

    The Makefile looks complex because it is quite generic and contains a whole framework for managing also large and complex projects including many different options. However, the idea here is that you basically *never* need to open it. Just let Flow Studio do its work and focus on writing code and add the source files to your project.

    I hope this helps but do not hesitate to ask again otherwise.


    Nicholai (I'm the author of Flow Studio)
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