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    A CW-8124C CDRW/DVD-ROM drive should work in the Mac Mini, so if it isn't being recognised then probably it too is faulty, and maybe you should consider sending it back for a refund. It could of course be the mini PCB board, but that's unlikely if the HDD is working OK.

    I have a few spare DVD drives for Mac Minis that I can sell/send you if you still want a DVD drive, as they are very handy to have working, but it's up to you if you want to replace the drive for a working one.

    The drive I have in my Mac Mini, was not the original unit, which would have been a UJ-845C or UJ-846C, but I have a UJ-875C drive fitted though the UJ-85J-C/D is also a good replacement though all these models are DVD±RW-DL drives, and compatible with the MacMini.

    There is a UJ-875 drive for sale on that well known auction site for £8 (or best offer) plus shipping (£2.11) but it may only be to buyers in the UK, but that seems very reasonably priced. However, if you could not get one any other way, if you were to send me the money for that model then I could send it on for only whatever extra it cost for shipping to Norway to you, which you may want to consider. ;-)

    I would try the Best Offer option in any case, so if the seller will sell it for less then that lower price would be the price you'd owe to me. Maybe a PM if you're interested.

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