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    Spectre660 wrote:
    Probably a U-Boot variable to specify the pcie16 ,pciex1 or pci slot to initialize would be required. The default is the pciex16 and it does not bother with the other slots even when there is no card in the pciex16 slot.

    The Sam460ex has a variable to select onboard graphics or pcie/pci.
    Never tried to boot with both a pciex16 and pci card installed at the same time though but it handles a single Radeon configuration as it was meant to.


    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > I am unsure if there are PCI slots compatible in other hardware with that kind of card.

    The PCI slots of the X5000/Cyrus are compatible, that's not the problem. The issue is probably with the board firmware or its configuration/settings.

    That is a possibility. And isn't PCI addressed via a bridge chip? That might complicate accessing and detecting PCI cards.

    Further, performance of PCI linked gpus is really limited by the slow bus transfers.

    So, I think it's best to use what PCI-E cards we can, wait for some further development, and just deal with it.

    Personally, since 3D isn't as important as overlay support, I am thinking a Radeon HD 4770 would be a good match for MorphOS on the X5000.
    And Mark will no doubt enhance his current Radeon driver to provide 3D support to cards without it eventually.

    He has GCN gen 1 and 2 cards on hand.

    A driver for something like the 7750 ought to be doable.

    Still, since most of our base still uses AGP based systems, the R500's like the X1950Pro still make sense for many of us.

    I'm thinking of taping off pins 3 and 11 on one and throwing it in a G4 for the pure perverse satisfaction of it.

    I'd like to see someone install an X1950XTX in an X5000 and bench it under MorphOS.
    I think Frank once mentioned that he had one, so maybe this has already been done.

    However, like all cards with memory above 128MB (and the XTX has, I believe, 512MB of GDDR4), the extra memory lays unused.

    So, are 1, 2, or 4GB cards going to provide much beyond faster gpus and memory?

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