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    To boot from USB:
    Make 2 partitions - a small HFS-partition (100MB) and copy boot.img for 32-Bit-MAC on it. Second partition for the rest of the stick with SFS-Filesystem and declare it bootable with prio 10. Name it SYS-USB (with HD-Config - the name of partition when formatting can be anything else - suggestion: System). Dont forget to format partitions. First partition you may name boot.
    Then copy content of MOS3.10-iso to SFS partition. Folders for MAC-32Bit / 64Bit and other boot.images not needed.

    Boot command in OpenFirmware (OF):

    boot ud:,\boot.img bootdevice=SYS-USB

    Note: There are some PB which don't create device ud in OpenFirmware. You can see that by typing devalias in OF - ud should be listed.
    If not, you need to type the complete hardware-path, which is following for the LEFT USB-port:

    boot /pci@f2000000/usb@1b/disk@1:,\boot.img bootdevice=SYS-USB

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