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    After years of my G5 Mac being in storage, I finally brought it back out. Fired up and installed MorphOS 3.10. Installation went fine. Rebooted MorphOS and things were looking good. Fast, great, anything else you expect for this great OS.

    That is when things went crazy. First, I got greeted with an unsupported screen resolution. I hard rebooted the G5. Things went to a crawl being drawn on the screen. Hard rebooted another time, it was kept froze at the butterfly loading screen. I knew something bigger had to be happening. The video card is a Stock Radeon 9650 G5 ATi card that came with one of my other G5 Macs, but I was starting to wonder if it had anthing to do with it. I booted my G5 Diagnostics CD, and things were CRAWLING slow.... I ran the tests, and I was not about to leave it for the next 3 hours till it completed. :P I decided to play russian roulette with my memory sticks. All banks were filled, and I removed the two most outer sets. I booted MOS back up, and still same symptoms. Super slow drawing, slow video playback on a 480p video. I powered back down, and that is when I removed the other 2 sets. I got the outer most 2 sets of memory sticks that were in it before, and put those in the 2 most inner memory slots.

    Now MorphOS runs GREAT! Smooth video playback. Things load up without crashing the screen. Good stuff! So if anyone else has issues as such, you may want to look into getting the memory chips replaced. It may not sovle a crash you can keep replicating or if OWB gets flooded and crashes, but cmon now, I should be able to play a 480p video without it glitching on playback. :)

    Hope this helps. Take care!
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