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    I spoke too soon.

    While it worked ok the first time that I tested, I am now getting a crash with the network prefs and the pciex1 RTL 8168 card on my X5000.
    Crash Log

    X5000/020 configuration

    PCIEx16 = Radeon Graphics Card . (Used Radeon HD6450 for MorphOS 3.10 test)
    PCIEX4 = Empty (usually blocked by video Card)
    PCIEX1 = SATA 3 Controller (Marvel 88SE9215 chipset) for Linux Hard Drive
    PCIEX1 = TP-Link Gigabit Ethernet PCI-Express Network Adapter (TG-3468)
    PCIEX1 = ATI FirePro 2260 Graphics Card . Linux 3D card (Does not function under AmigaOS 4.1FE or MorphOS 3.10)
    PCI = Empty
    PCI = SoundBlaster LIve! Works under all 3 OSes (Memory Needs to be set to max 3.5GB in Linux using boot args)

    ESATA for DVD drive (Used externally) with SATA to ESATA connector. allows optimal use of second onboard SATA connector,

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