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    Zukow said on 10-04-2018: So... i have very little time this week but i'll try to provide some doc here at weekend.

    So, about 2 weeks have gone by, and no response from the Development Team, or Zukow, to either reply as a PM to me, or through this thread, to resolve this situation, so I cannot print at all using MorphOS as the Printers system is blocking using the old Beta, that actually works, and the current v3.10 system won't even recognise the PPD file that Windows uses, and Macintosh uses.

    I obviously cannot send the PPD file I have, via email as implied/suggested by Zukow, as he doesn't have a listed email on the MorphOS Development Team that is publicly/forum member viewable/useable, and works, so I am totally "stuffed" with regard for printing on MorphOS.

    As I have said before this release, IMHO, is the worst yet, and responses from the Team members has been either lacking, or unfairly unsympathetic, or downright disgraceful considering the situation this release's installation has created.

    I even had a full system lock-up with the Sound Screenbar module the other day, which has never happened in any other previous release I have installed.

    [EDIT] I feel I must add-on my thanks to jPV, who has offered me the opportunity of passing on through his email address the option of forwarding my PPD file, which I have already done, for further investigation by the Development Team to get the "Printers" implementation actually working as it is supposed to, but doesn't.

    I am indebted to jPV in many ways, and if all the Development Team, could/would respond in the same way (helpfully) then this predicament might well have been resolved already.

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