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    zukow wrote: Regarding PPD files: current version is only for Postscript printers as release notes said. So nothing with cups shit will work. If ppd files has somewhere inside *cupsFilter line the printing system scans this line and tries to run cups filter/scripts provided in this line. . . . .

    My problem as they say "is not listed here" ... I can't even get the Printers Device requester to recognise my PPD file, some of the header information is in one of my previous posts (Thread #3), and I have searched through the PPD file which doesn't have any mention of CUPS in the text file, so this NEW printer system is still NEW, as it just isn't recognised. :-?

    Can I return it for a replacement, as it's BNIB? :lol:

    I select the PPD in the Devices generated requester but the file is never shown in the Devices window, and if I try again with another PPD file then the whole process goes into "meditation"

    This is a shambles of a "Printers" release, IMHO, and also I am sorry to have to say this, but I should also mention that the previous Beta stop-gap worked, but this "sucks". :-(

    So, is it possible to also install the Beta (that works) USBPAR: and use that instead as I just cannot print anything at all using this "mess" of a release to my HP 2500 CLJ? :-?

    Personally I am amazed that the MorphOS Development Team didn't test this properly, or if they did that they didn't find these failing before it was incorporated into the v3.10 release, as this, along with some of the other "features" have made this, IMHO, the worst release that has happened for MorphOS, and again I am sad to be having to say this, but it seems to be a fact. :-(

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