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    zukow wrote:
    Using startup=.... doesn't work. Just select output path in profile preferences to PAR:, NETPAR: etc, even file on disk. printer-handler will check profile and select define output path (it needs to be mounted). PRINTER: is required to have printer system working. Without it, You can only send raw postscript data to printer and no option from preferences will work.

    The printersystem (and the printer-handler) needs a device and unit to work (take a look into the Turboprint prefs).
    If i write PRINTER: to "outputpath", the data goes to NIL:, not to my printer.
    If I wirte PAR; to "outputpath", the data goes to netprinter.device:0 and then to my printer.
    What i must do, to assign a device and unit to PRINTER: ??
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