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    amigadave wrote: I'm hoping to follow the advice of NewSense, and get a laser printer (color, or just black) in the near future, as I am fed up with inkjet print cartridges that dry up so quickly, making my cost per page ridiculously expensive, since I don't print out paper copies often.

    GULP ! Someone following my advice . . . Must seek legal counsel. :lol:

    I'm sure you won't regret getting a Colour Laser Printer (PostScript) though I bought my HP 2500 Colour Laser Jet printer as a USED item, and I am particularly pleased with it as it has Centronics, USB, and Network options, as well as being PCL5 compliant, and PostScript capable, and the last toner cartridge for it cost me £1 and the last Print Drum cost me £4, so running costs are even cheaper than an inkjet, and the toners don't dry up, and last . . . well, as long as you own the printer ! ;-)


    amigadave wrote: @NewSense & pegasos-sigi2,
    I understand your frustration, but don't agree with the tone of your "bug reports".

    This is not a bug report - it is a swarm of bugs - and the reason for complaining is: How can the "Printers" implementation be released - as it doesn't seem to have even been properly Beta-Tested (it certainly wasn't by me as a Beta-tester - I just used the Beta version with v3.9 with no specific recourse to 'Zukow' so it wasn't like I was a Beta-tester as such, just some user who was using what was available). So, as you know, it doesn't work, and not even like the Beta version which accepted my PPD, wheras this Integrated release doesn't even work, or accept my HP PPD - and why should that be, as the principle was supposed to be the same, as far as I understood what was going to be implemented, and there were no instructions in the release notes for it to be used, and no pitfalls or warnings as to any possible issues with it - which I am sad to say is much like a good few parts of the whole release. i.e. the Isochronous USB feature, OWB v1.24 limitations - both of which I have commented on.

    Besides which if I sent a bug report off to the Development Team, then others would not know about this major problem with the printing system, and everyone who has a printer, and uses it with MorphOS needs to know about the issues with this release, so frankly I don't take on-board your comments as these failings/issues need to be addressed, and need to be brought out into the open, for everyone to know about. So that they do get fixed ASAP.

    If it had been something specific, and of a minor nature then I probably would have only sent a bug report in, but it's not, is it?

    amigadave wrote:
    Edit: NewSense, as a current, or former beta tester for the printing system, you surely know how and where to contact Zukow with any bug reports, rather than using a MorphZone forum thread. I could understand using this forum to ask other users for help, and to ask if any other users are having the same or similar problems, which is part of what you appear to be doing with this thread.

    Bong !!! sadly Dave that's incorrect - No, amigadave, I was not a Beta-tester, just a MorphOS user testing out the Beta printing system that Zukow had created as a stop-gap/try-out to full implementation of the "Printers" (PostScript) support for MorphOS, with no direct/specific Beta-Testing recourse to Zukow if I came across any problem. :-P
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