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    Ok, here it works now.
    1. Please take a look into the .ppd files. Drop any row with "*cupsfilter..." and rebuild the driver and profile.
    2. Don't use the PRINTER:... mountlist. Use PAR: and change the device and unit in the textfile.
    3. The new printersystem is postscript only at this time. Don't use a nonpostscript printer.

    @ Zukow:

    I can't change the device and unit for PRINTER:
    The mountlist below did't work for me.
    But i had seen that the printersystem generate a simple postscriptfile.
    So i can simple use PAR: to send this simple postscriptfile directly to my Color Laserjet with postscript emul.

    /* $VER: PRINTER 50.1 (04.03.2018)
    * printer-handler mount entry

    Handler = MOSSYS:l/printer-handler
    StackSize = 4096
    Priority = 5
    GlobVec = -1
    Startup = "DEVICE=netprinter.device UNIT=0 TYPE=parallel"
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