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    i have very little time this week but i'll try to provide some doc here at weekend.
    Regarding PPD files: current version is only for Postscript printers as release notes said. So nothing with cups shit will work. If ppd files has somewhere inside *cupsFilter line the printing system scans this line and tries to run cups filter/scripts provided in this line. This won't work. The problem with current PPD drivers for postscript printers is that for MacosX/Linux they include still some *cupsFilter line which break processing. I'll add some requester to MorphOS 3.11 to sign that PPD file is unsupported. Support for some *cupsFilters (especially the ones which were supported in beta version will probably come in 3.12).
    If printer supports postscript but it has some *cupsFilter inside PPD driver description You can:
    1) remove the line and regenerate driver
    2) try to get PPD file from windows drivers pack. As Windows doesn't have cups most of PPD drivers for Windows are clean and ready to use with my system.

    Regarding installation:
    1) first generate driver on Drivers tab
    2) make profile from Drivers, you can have multiple profiles based on one driver (for multiple printers support or one printer with many profiles: color, gray, duplex etc...)
    3) VPDF scans profile folder so You can select profile using cycle object
    4) in other applications printer-handler PRINTER: device support profile argument to select to which printer it should send data. If none selected, the default one is selected.
    5) if some profiles is clean (so it doesn't have any cupsfilter lines) but is still can't be added to drivers or nothing is printed - please send me this ppd file. i'll check what is wrong.

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