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    I used the ßeta printing system by Zukow that used the USBPAR: device, that required installation of the necessary Devices and files to get it to work under MorphOS v3.9 for ages, and I had much success with that, and it worked very well with my Desktop HP 2500 Colour Laser Jet ( isn't shown as a supported printer, but yet the ancient Behemoth HP5CLJ is - WHY, but maybe it is already as "Additional printers are supported via emulation.") as it has Centronics, USB, and Network capabilities, and as it's a PCL5 and PostScript printer there should be enough features there to get it to work with MorphOS v3.10 .... WRONG, well not at the moment. :-(.

    Anyway, now I believe the printing scheme is fully implemented/built-into MorphOS as originally intended, and just requires a PPD file to activate it (basically), so it should be simple to setup .... right? ............ Not for me. :-(

    As the PPD file I used on the ßeta printing scheme is no longer recognised, well actually NONE of the PPD files that I offer the requester are recognised, and sometimes the Printers window goes off "Meditating" somewhere ... very annoying. :-x

    So, what do you need to do, for v3.10 that you didn't do with the ßeta printing system before? :-?

    I haven't seen any instructions on using it for MorphOS v3.10 so ... it's time to ask the experts. 8-D

    I want to use the USB features of printing, though fortunately I have a Network Card as well fitted in my printer, but I feel sure a PPD is required for the printer to be fully recognised, and send data to the printer in the format it needs to make a fully legible printout.

    I should also mention that many of the Canon BJC, and Epson Color Stylus, and HP Deskjet printers must have already gone to the landfill or recycling plant by now as consumables (inktanks/inkheads/cartridge) are probably no longer available anyway.

    So, we need an up-to-date list of supported hardware, and the fact that I mentioned, during the ßeta testing that I had a HP 2500 Color Laser Jet surely should have been catered for, and added to the supported printer list. Though I don't mind it being added on once I get it working. 8-D

    Bear in mind, those of you who use an inkjet that a Colour Laser printer offers an overall economy of saving waaaayyy in excess of an inkjet printer, as the toner never dries up (it already is dry), it never clogs an inkjet assembly, as it doesn't have one, and it's just powder bonded to paper, so no wet ink on paper that either runs, gets transferred to other items of clothing or fingers, etc...

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