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    koszer wrote:
    I know the guy is not using cheap Chinese parts, as they're not reliable enough. He said he's only using Japanese cells. I didn't crack open the battery pack to see if that's true though. :)

    DiscreetFX could say something about quality of this work, as he happens to own a PowerBook with battery regenerated this way.


    I believe the MacBook battery won't physically fit into a PowerBook (don't know the exact size, but the locking clamps look clearly different to me).

    I also believe that it's the cells that swell inside a battery pack. If you could get rid of the broken cells maybe it would be possible to revive that battery? Do you have a photo of the damage?

    No, I don't have any photo's of the damaged battery, and I'm currently away from home for another week. I have the PowerBook with me, but without the battery, and I think I have already disposed of the damaged battery. I'm hoping that I can find my original Apple battery in one of my packed up computer gear boxes.

    The wiki for MacBooks says that the first generation Intel powered Apple laptops used the same chassis and battery as the last generation G4 PowerBooks, so I'm hoping that it will fit. It's probably a long shot, but I thought it was worth a chance and if it does not work, I'm only out $60 in the attempt.
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