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    Instead of creating a new thread about Powerbook batteries, I decided to just piggy-back onto this thread, because of the above post about rebuilding the laptop battery.

    I've just spent the last hour or so searching for a replacement battery for my 17" G4 Powerbook, with no success. All I could find was batteries for the 15" models, or batteries for the 17" Intel powered MacBook Pro. I did replace the battery for my A1139 17" G4 Powerbook (last model produced) 1.67GHz G4 with 128mb Radeon 9700 graphics card, but to my dismay, after not using it for over a year, I then found that the replacement battery had leaked and swelled up almost to the point that I could not remove it, and it was bulging the top part of the keyboard. I was afraid that it had permanently damaged my 17" G4 Powerbook, but after finally removing the battery and disposing of it, I think that my Powerbook might be okay. Unfortunately, I don't think I saved the original Powerbook battery to open it up and rebuild it with new cells, so I'm asking for your help in finding a replacement battery for my model. I'll continue searching, but if any of you knows where to find a replacement, I'd appreciate a link.

    Edit: I know that the original purpose of this thread was for the internal battery, not the main laptop battery. I just read on Wikipedia that the first generation of the Intel powered Macbook used the same aluminum chassis from the G4 Powerbook, so I'm wondering if the battery for the Macbook will work in the G4 Powerbook? Has anyone tried this?

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