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    GfxSpeed has an issue around Benchmark 13/260 on My Sam460ex.
    Screen just goes blank. Both Radeon HD6450 and Radeon HD6570.
    X5000 passes 13/260 with no problem.

    Also still have the network issue with the Sam460ex onboard network.
    Verified that it is not a general network problem as my X5000/020 with pciex1 RTL 8168 connects ok on the same network.
    My Sam460ex is one from probably the last batch produced.


    bigfoot wrote:

    Spectre660 wrote:
    HD6570 DVI still has the problem.

    What's the connector configuration on that card of yours? Specifically does it have a dedicated VGA connector, or does it have a DVI-I port, with both digital and analogue signals?


    Also GfxSpeed seems to be crashing.

    You'll have to be a bit more specific on that one. Crashes how?
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