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    eightwonder wrote:

    bigfoot wrote:
    Also let me add that if your booting is stuck at the firmware screen as was reported earlier in this thread, then please try to wait 60 seconds and see if it continues booting. I've been informed that a bug managed to sneak into the final 3.10 release which might cause such a delay on booting for some people.

    Hi Bigfoot

    I waited like 240 seconds with RadenHD 6570, but it doesn't boot..

    Back to R5 230 :)

    Again, has anyone tried a higher end 6000 series card?
    Mark has his 6870 working, and I'm fond of the 6750 (it's still low cost and performs MUCH better than the 6570).

    Also, any word on how the 4000s look with overlay support?

    I'm bidding on an HD4890 and an HD6870 right now.
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