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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >> Maybe I should go out and buy Radeon R5 230

    > That was the card Bigfoot recommended to Acill before last Fall's Amiwest demo.

    ...and it is the card he's just recommended in the MorphOS 3.10 news article thread, as well as the HD6450.

    Hi all

    Now bought a RadeonR5 230 this morning.

    * R5 230 works with Sam460 + MOS 3.10 CD via VGA output..Only available mode is 1920x1080

    * HDMI output gives a corrupted view..

    * Both VGA and HDMI output of Radeon R5 230 works with AmigaOS4

    Currently installing MOS3.1 on Sam460..Harddisk is conntected to PCI-E Sii3132 SATA card..
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