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    > But I think from today's view MP is rather a must for security reasons. Back then it the main view perspective was rather system stability/integrity.

    Yes, from my point of view, stability is still the main advantage.
    Then again, MorphOS has already proven itself (to me anyway) to be a remarkably stable platform (I get more crashes in Windows).

    And yes Andreas, I understand this would likely only be adopted in MorphOS NG.

    Although, personally, I'd take an incompatible MorphOS PPC that supported MP, SMP, and a larger address space (Amiga compatibility was never that big an issue with me, we could always use UAE, and some of the existing MorphOS software should be modifiable to handle these changes).

    After all, if we'd decided to stay with PPCs (say shifting to a Power9 platform), I'd be advocating these changes as necessary to fully utilize the hardware anyway (which we are NOT doing now).
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