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    takemehomegrandma wrote:

    we are already discussing dropping some compatibility

    “Some?” Either you follow the Amiga specification (compatible) or you don’t (incompatible). For example, Amiga has a unified memory architecture. Protected memory (as in Micro Kernels) is incompatible.

    MorphOS x64 will be incompatible. It won’t even be source-code compatible.

    Yes, 32 or 64 bit memory maps and SMP, that's not compatible with the Amiga 'specification'.

    As to how micro-kernel OS' protect memory, have you ever used one that offered that function?
    Its worth the sacrifice as it improves stability.

    SO, since we're already contemplating a move that will render MorphOS incompatible, why NOT consider some form of memory protection?

    We certainly have a kernel that should be easy to adapt to it.
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